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Ipoh Trip - 02
7 September 2010

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Ipoh Trip - 01
31 August 2010

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Img 19
23 December 2009

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Img 18
21 December 2009

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Img 16
14 December 2009

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Img 05
18 November 2009

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Img 03
13 November 2009

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Img 02
11 November 2009

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Don't Delay Seconds
24 April 2008

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Glorious Food
3 April 2008

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Billy's Bistro & Bar
26 March 2008

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Street Bike
24 March 2008

Recent Comments

Mitchell on Billy's Bistro & Bar
I painted this while staying in Malaysia the owner of the bar was Billy he was a champion I am so glad you captured ...

Wei-Jan on Ipoh Trip - 11
Emo band photo :P

Sázky on Ipoh Trip - 11
nice image,super shot,bravo

Katalog Stron on Ipoh Trip - 11
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Ipoh Trip - 11
great shot,exellent b/w and details

k@ on Ipoh Trip - 11
Cool trio & compo

Darren Ong on Ipoh Trip - 10

The Wakeful Tree on Ipoh Trip - 09

Garfield on Ipoh Trip - 09
Fascinating shot - like it

larry on Ipoh Trip - 06
I like this one. Interesting idea to square crop it. Keep it up

Belle on Ipoh Trip - 02
I like!

Belle on Ipoh Trip - 08
I Like!

The Wakeful Tree on Ipoh Trip - 05
nice blue

peter.K on Ipoh Trip - 04
nice moody scene...

wei-yuen on Ipoh Trip - 04
hi cuteness. great to see you're snapping away (: its been too long. great picture! i love its simplicity and ...

Antoine on Ipoh Trip - 04
Superb shot with a excellent framing. Have a lovely day Ming.

Sunder on Ipoh Trip - 04
Nice shot! Love the lighting...

The Wakeful Tree on Ipoh Trip - 04
superb light and tones

Shahryar on Ipoh Trip - 04
very nice capture :)

Larry Elkins on Ipoh Trip - 04
lovely image

Anna.C on Ipoh Trip - 04
I love the mood here...

Valérie Simonnet on Ipoh Trip - 04
Wonderful picture. Such strengh and tenderness.

Elena on Ipoh Trip - 02
This is really really nice!=)

Michelle on Img 12

Eshton Thomas on Img 11
Dude. Excellent shot ! I didn't know you're into photography.

Denise on Img 15
HAHAHA! Elena, the cheesy scene at the end with Bella and Edward right??

Denise on Img 17
THIS IS noooiiice! :)

Denise on Img 20
Is that Debbie?? Is this from your trip to Miri? :)

Gabe on Fly By The Night
Hey inspired by u to do 1 as well...go check mine out..:D

Gabe on High Key Experiment
hey cool what u used for ur background?

Debbie on Img 10
I like it. The bird's really cute. Heh. :)

Debbie on Img 11
When i see this, i think of Twilight. The part where she recklessly jumps off the cliff for fun. And i like that she ...

Sam on Img 22
where did you take this picture??

Gabe on Img 10
Cool Picture.........nvr knew u had a 300mm

belle on Img 22
dude. I just watched 7 pounds and your picture. ahahaha coincidence. LIKE. brussel while.

Josh on Img 17
Now that is what I call, awesome!

Jerry on Img 22
nice and very detailed.

Alexey on Img 22
Interesting shot! But how have you taken it with such a white background?

belle on Img 20
LIke! love the symmetry in that pic

Self-Indulgence on Img 20
Love the perspective and that little sunburst.

Theys on Img 19
Absolutely perfect! Merry Christmas

Curly on Img 19
My brain tells me that I ought to be seeing deep blues, greens, and vibrant golds. The image is beautifully composed, ...

saraht on Img 14
it looks like furry fire. i know. random. but its really cool.

Joan Felix on Img 18
scene in the style of a beautiful black and white and a stunning silhouette.

Garfield on Img 18
This one is a keeper!!

Rags on Img 18
Awesome image. I love the silhouette.

Curly on Img 18
Wonderful silhouettes, a perfect exposure.

Sarah-Ann on Img 10
WOW, how did you do that?!?! :O mmhm :) :)

k@ on Img 18
A superb serie, I'm fond of this image and the previous ones - terrific and soulful*

Sarah-Ann on Img 11
WOAH. this, i LIKE :) :) :)

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